“My Job Depends On Oil” Anthem Released On Air

“My Job Depends On Oil” Anthem Released On Air


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“My Job Depends On Oil” Anthem Released On Air
The Working Man by Elks Hills Floorhand Band (feat. Joe Peters) aired on KMJ’s Ray Appleton show, available for download on streaming services

FRESNO: As part of BizFed Central Valley’s “My Job Depends On Oil” campaign, The Working Man aired February 9th on Ray Appleton’s show on KMJ and is available on Spotify and Apple Music. 

The Working Man is a deep, soulful ode to working people everywhere by Elk Hills Floorhand Band (feat. Joe Peters). As California policymakers worsen the state’s energy crisis by threatening the energy industry, the song rightfully reminds of the forgotten workers whose livelihoods depend on their jobs in and around the oilfields. 

“Every city street and two-lane town all across this land, none of that would be here now today if it weren’t for the working man,” sings Peters. 

“My Job Depends On Oil” and The Working Man support the nearly 366,000 California workers dependent upon the oil and gas industry. 

“It’s easy and natural to focus on consumers, who are negatively affected by California’s war on energy production, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the hundreds of thousands of working families who are threatened as well” said BizFed Central Valley CEO Clint Olivier. “‘My Job Depends On Oil’ is an effort to ensure these hard-working folks are not forgotten and The Working Man gives us a chance to honor them with a great tune.” 

The Working Man is available for download on streaming services

The airing of The Working Man on KMJ’s Ray Appleton Show can be listened to here

For additional background on “My Job Depends on Oil,” please visit: https://myjobdependsonoil.com/



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