About us

Our vision, through this grassroots effort, is to show how many people’s lives are related, connected, and most importantly, dependent on oil and gas.

Our goal is to illustrate just how massive the impact of oil and gas is, not only to the men and women who work in the industry, but to every single Californian.

Oil and gas products touch every aspect of our day-to-day living and help to enhance the quality of our lives. 

By putting a human face on the entire supply chain, we hope the impact will be recognized by not just political leaders, but consumers as well.

This would make a huge difference to the families of many oil workers here in California. We have “My Job Depends on Oil” decals you can purchase, to further help get the word out, show our solidarity, and fund our advocacy. 

Thank you for your support. Help us spread the word about how everyone depends on oil, whether they think so or not.

Curious about our advocacy work? Read more about our Energy Philosophy here and visit the Central Valley Business Federation website