What We Believe

On behalf of BizFed Central Valley, with over 70 members representing 30,000 businesses with over 400,000 employees from Madera to Kern Counties, we present the following principles on energy reliability. As a united coalition, we advocate for policies and projects that strengthen our regional economies.

Your donations help to fuel this advocacy and we are thankful for your support!

1. BizFed believes that a resilient energy policy focused on affordability, reliability and local sourcing bolsters the environment, the economy and job creation. We support market-based approaches that avoid draconian control measures resulting in job losses, supply disruptions, lower reliability and increased consumer prices.

2. BizFed supports an “all of the above” approach to our energy needs and believes regulators and policymakers should remain technology-neutral and encourage the market to innovate while balancing affordability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

3. BizFed believes local land use decisions on energy policy should be respected. California is a diverse state, and local jurisdictions know what works best for their economy and residents so long as they are consistent with comprehensive state regulatory programs that protect our statewide supplies of affordable, reliable

BizFed believes sustainability isn’t just about the environment. It is also about the sustainability of the economy through local energy production by local workers under California’s world-leading standards.

Local production of energy is key to affordability, reliability and resiliency, as well as to sustaining environmental quality. Achieving our climate change goals does not have to come at the cost of good-paying jobs. With the help of the private sector and some of the brightest minds in the world we can work towards a clean energy future that supports competition and innovation, creates excellent jobs, and paves the way for the next generation.