My Job Depends on Oil Campaign Kicks Off in California

My Job Depends on Oil Campaign Kicks Off in California

Posted on December 1, 2022

(KMJ/FOX26) – A new public awareness campaign is launching in California with the goal of fighting to keep jobs in the state and preventing thousands of Californians from having to navigate feelings of massive job insecurity.

The name of the campaign is My Job Depends on Oil.

My Job Depends on Oil is a project of California’s Central Valley Business Federation in collaboration with the legendary awareness campaign My Job Depends on Ag.

KMJ’s News Partner FOX26 Great Day was joined by Tyson Bagley, United Steelworkers Health and Safety representative with Rodeo Refinery, and CEO of the Central Valley Business Federation, Clint Olivier to learn more about the program. Photo: FOX26

According to the press release from BizFed Central Valley, nearly 366,000 jobs in California are supported by the oil and gas industry, which paid out $226 billion in wages. More than $152 billion in total economic output was added to the California economy in 2017, and $21.6 billion in tax revenue helped fund essential services like schools, roads and public safety.

“It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the oil and gas industry in the Central Valley and California.”

BizFed Central Valley CEO Clint Olivier

“California could be a leader in environmentally-safe and humanitarian oil and gas production, but it has unfortunately chosen another route. Worse yet, the state has done so without any realistic plan for a just transition, leaving hundreds of thousands of hard-working Californians feeling massive job insecurity,” said BizFed Central Valley CEO Clint Olivier, appearing Thursday on local Fresno media outlets.

Photo: FOX26

Speaking to KMJ’s Ray Appleton on Thursday, Olivier said despite these obvious benefits, many state policymakers have waged a war on the industry, threatening the livelihoods of so many honest, hard-working Californians. This has led to rolling blackouts in the summer, surging gas prices and an increasing reliance on foreign oil produced by regimes lacking the humanitarian and environmental standards of California-based producers.  

Campaign organizer, Olivier said this awareness effort mirrors the very successful My Job Depends on Ag campaign, started by Steve Malanca in 2016. Malanca will be on hand for the launch, and will be joining many local elected officials and industry leaders. The campaign was to also launch Friday December 2, 2022 at 11am in Bakersfield.

Industry workers, advocates and allies will be encouraged to purchase My Job Depends on Oil stickers for display on their vehicles. The proceeds will go towards advocacy efforts.

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Our vision, through this grassroots effort, is to show how many people’s lives are related, connected, and most importantly, dependent on oil and gas.

Our goal is to illustrate just how massive the impact of oil and gas is, not only to the men and women who work in the industry, but to every single Californian.

Oil and gas products touch every aspect of our day-to-day living and help to enhance the quality of our lives.


by Stephen Hawkins/KMPH FOX26, Liz Kern/KMJ

Listen to the report by KMJ’s Liz Kern.


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